With its iconic sign standing tall on one of the highest points in town, Bel-Air Bowl in Belleville operates as a St Clair County institution. For generations, families, teams, and leagues have been coming to Bel-Air to enjoy classic, clean fun with all the traditional trappings of a bowling alley.


The sounds, the smells, the feel of borrowed shoes… it all takes you back to simpler times. And Bel-Air does it right! They have 32 lanes, host bowling teams from McKendree College, Lindenwood College, and area high school and middle schools, a full restaurant and bar, and daily specials. In a day and age where you need to take out a loan to take the family to the movies, it’s comforting to see outfits where not only can you afford family fun, but it’s the type of active fun that encourages conversation and silly bowling moves.


Recently, the Avenue team took advantage of Bel-Air’s happy hour specials. While some “shop-talk” is inevitable (it is, after all, our main goal to make our clients as happy as possible), it was a great chance to let loose with the team, have a few laughs, have a few brews, and to grow closer not only as coworkers but as friends.


Their bar area was recently renovated and offers traditional fare… nachos, pizza, popcorn, and fried pickles, mushrooms, ravioli, and mozzarella sticks. There are dessert options like cupcakes, too. Enjoy a full bar and beer by draft, bottle, or pitcher. The Arbor Restaurant is also open daily from 11a-3p for lunch, with extended hours through dinner on Fridays. Their daily specials are all made from scratch and range from pot roast or chicken & dumplings to meat loaf and fish every Friday.


Bel-Air can be rented for banquets and special events or smaller spaces reserved for birthday parties or family reunions. The bowling alley is open every day from 9am until Midnight and their full schedule of events, specials, and daily pricing is available on their website, belairbowl.com.