Buying a home can be both thrilling & scary at the same time. Avenue Realty will help you through some of the unknowns – read the answers to the TOP 5 questions commonly asked by buyers to help you prepare before we start looking for your dream home!

1: Which home can I afford?

The answer to this questions dependent on your income and other financial obligations. A good tool for buyers to start their home buying journey is a Home Affordability Calculator! Tools such as this can be found easily online at reputable sites such as your banking institution. Interview lenders and position yourself for success in making an offer to purchase by obtaining a pre-approval prior to starting shopping for your home with your Avenue Realty Associates broker.

2: Can I buy a home and sell my current one at the same time?

Yes, you can. This circumstance should be discussed with your trusted neighborhood realtor in detail. We will support you in considering all pertinent factors in order for you to solidify the best game plan for your personal scenario.

news-073: How many homes do I need to see before making an offer?

This varies greatly from buyer to buyer. While now a days there is broad availability to preview properties online, physically viewing a property with your Avenue Realty Associates broker will give you the truest experience and allow you to evaluate a property in its entirety. It’s really up to you!

4: What will a seller accept as a fair purchase price?

Sellers are motivated by different factors. A trusted and experienced Avenue Realty Associates Broker is your key to presenting a solid offer and removing any obstacles in order to score you a great deal!

5: When can I back out if I change my mind?

Having contingencies set in place in your contract on factors such as home inspections allow you to request a refund on your earnest funds if, for example, the inspection is unsatisfactory. In any other case where a buyer backs out of a contract without good reason, you may be forfeiting your earnest funds.

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