So you find yourself in the St. Louis Metro East. Whether you’ve been here your whole life or we’ve just helped you move in, you’ll surely be wondering what all this area has to offer. Well you’re in luck! One of our favorite parts about working in Real Estate is helping people fall in love with where they live.

Maybe you’ve driven down Main Street in Belleville a million times before… but how long has it been since you’ve really looked at it? Really taken in the historic architecture, the public art, or the string lights twinkling in the night sky?
Perhaps you’ve always lived in O’Fallon and you’ve never stopped to appreciate the farmer’s market, Wood Bakery, Peel Pizza, or any of the other countless small shops and restaurants.

Or, say you’ve found yourself at Scott Air Force Base for the first time and you’re wondering… what now? That’s where we come in!
Welcome to our new series: ‘Magic in the Midwest,’ where we explore all the towns and cities in the St. Louis Metro-East. You’ll learn about our favorite restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, and parks. Learn the history of our small towns, discover the places only the locals know about, and keep up-to-date on Real Estate trends for when you’re ready for us to help you find your forever home. We’ll even make sure you know about all the parades and festivals so you never miss a thing!

Stay tuned for our weekly posts as we dive into the communities you call home. Fall in love with the Metro-East with us!

– Emily Smith Farrington

Our new blog ‘Magic in the Midwest’ is written by our own past client and friend, Emily Smith Farrington. Emily, her husband Ash, and their two sons moved to the St. Louis Metro-East in 2017 when they were relocated to Scott Air Force Base. Emily is a writer, history lover, old home owner and connoisseur, home school momma, and has remained a close friend of ours since her move to the area! Keep tuning into our social media accounts to experience the St. Louis Metro – East through her lens!

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